CDL Requirement Changes for 2020

Published on: November 24, 2020

Beginning February 7, 2020, driver applicants wishing to obtain their CDL or upgrade their endorsements will be required to complete a set of new training standards as required in 49 CFR part 380. This training must be completed through a provider that is listed on the Training Provider Registry (TPR) that is expected to be rolled out in November 2019.

Once this new rule takes effect, training providers must provide instruction on all elements of the applicable theory curriculum, and driver trainees must receive an overall score of at least 80% on the theory assessment. The assessment may be written or electronic. The training provider cannot issue a certificate or transmit the drivers’ information to the FMCSA unless the drivers have completed the theory and behind-the-wheel training and can perform all skills proficiently. Once the FMCSA has received all required information, it will electronically transmit the information to the State Driver’s License Agency—in Minnesota, the Driver and Vehicle Services. Only then can the driver complete the state-administered CDL Skills test.

After February 7, 2020, State Licensing Agencies will be required to verify that the entry level driver training (ELDT) has been completed before allowing an applicant to take a skills test for a Class A, Class B commercial license or (P) passenger, and (S) school bus endorsements. The new rule enhances the safety of commercial drivers and their operations on our nation’s roadways.

There is currently a proposal for a two-year delay for compliance with this new ruling to allow more time for development of the secured electronic transfer of information between agencies. Even if the delay is accepted, the requirement will be in place for all new applicants who wish to obtain their CDL with any endorsements.

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This article was published in the RTAP February 2020 newsletter, published by RLS & Associates.

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