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About the RTAP Program

The Rural Transit Assistance Program is a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funded program offering training to over forty Greater Minnesota transit agencies. If a transit agency is operating under the Federal Transit Act of 1991, Section 5311 (< 50,000 population), Section 5307 (> 50,000 population), or providing services as a Tribal Transit agency they are part of the program. Additionally, 5310 providers who serve elderly and disabled residents of Minnesota qualify to receive training from RTAP.

RTAP Trainers

The program has trainers who are certified and experienced to come to you or near you to provide required training or refresher courses. Your request for training will be circulated to the nearest RTAP trainer.

To support the training needs across the state, RTAP has trainers available that are certified to provide to your agency various trainings. Each trainer identifies what they can offer to you.


Scholarships are available to the Section 5310 and Tribal Transit service agencies. Scholarship dollars are available for training, seminar, workshop and conference registration costs, including air fare, per diem costs, and other identified costs associated to the request. Training can be offered within the agency’s facilities, within the state of Minnesota, or out-of-state.