Spring Workshop Survey

This survey has been closed. If you would like to send your feedback to RTAP, please email mariah.helgeson@mnrtap.net.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the in-person spring workshop on May 6–7 has been canceled. We are exploring options to move the 2020 spring workshop to an alternate date or format (online vs. in-person), including the following options:

  • Online webinars, with priority topics offered first.
  • Offering a shorter version of the spring workshop later in the year.
  • Incorporating topics from the spring workshop into other scheduled events during the year or offering several shorter face-to-face events.
  • Providing the agenda item materials to you in a guidance document, fact sheet, or summary document.

We need your input and thoughts. Please take a few minutes to take this quick survey. The existing agenda for the spring workshop can be viewed here.

All responses needed by April 13 at 6pm.