2023 Dispatching & Scheduling Training Survey

Mn RTAP is gauging interest and planning for Dispatcher & Scheduling Training for 2023. If you have any questions about this survey, contact berta.hartig@drbteam.com.

This training is designed for staff who perform the role of dispatcher and/or scheduler in a rural, small urban, or tribal transit agency. It is appropriate for new and seasoned staff.  This in-person training utilizes the curriculum developed by National RTAP and will cover the following topics:

Working in a Transit Environment
Transit Service Types
Americans with Disabilities Act
Essential Communication Skills
Customer Service
Role of the Dispatcher
Role of the Scheduler
Use of Technology
Working as a Transit Team
Responding to Transit Incident

Mn RTAP is gauging where the interest for Dispatching and Scheduling training is for 2023.

How many dispatchers/staff would you consider sending to the class
What months work best for training? (Mark all that apply)