Apply to Participate in Transit Asset Management Discussion Forum

Published on: April 21, 2024

Apply to join transit agency representatives for a discussion on setting transit asset management (TAM) performance targets as part of FTA’s series of TAM peer programs. FTA will host the May 29 session, which will be open to accepted applicants, with a focus on setting a variety of performance targets to meet agency goals.

The discussion forum is intended for transit agency staff who manage transit assets and contribute to fleet management planning or related practices. Forum participants should be well-versed in their agency’s asset management policies and processes and be willing to share ideas on performance targets. All registrants must submit an application by Wednesday, May 1. The forum is limited to 10 participants who will be selected based on the diverse perspectives they bring from their agency and responses to questions.

Participants will be notified if they are selected to participate via email by May 8. The outcomes of the discussion will be shared through case studies or a published event summary.

FTA’s TAM discussion forums provide an opportunity for transit agencies to share successes and challenges. The discussion topics go beyond the requirements in the TAM Rule (49 CFR 625) to promote an exchange of resources and best practices. The upcoming session is the second part of a series focusing on participants’ experiences setting and managing performance targets at their transit agencies. This exchange of approaches and resources can help participants more closely align their TAM performance targets with agency goals, going beyond traditional TAM planning.

Questions? Contact Tamalynn Kennedy.

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