Bus Exportable Power Systems Project Selection

Published on: August 5, 2022

FTA today announced the selection of a research group led by Inventev in Detroit, Michigan, to carry out the Bus Exportable Power Systems (BEPS) Program. BEPS will enable transit agencies, communities and states to access power options through hybrid, electric or fuel-cell buses during major power disruptions. The initiative will start with Inventev and its partners developing standards and specifications for BEPS technologies.

BEPS highlights the Biden-Harris Administration’s investment in America’s infrastructure in communities nationwide and commitment to building resilience in the face of climate change. Communities often need options for generating power immediately after natural disasters. In times of power failures due to emergencies, electric and hybrid buses may be able to fill the breach.

In 2021, Congress created a program and provided $1 million to develop national standards for BEPS. The program will build upon technologies developed under previous FTA research grants that have shown promise in transforming hybrid electric and fuel cell buses into mobile power generators. FTA issued a notice of funding opportunity to support BEPS last April.

Inventev will receive approximately $994,140 and lead a team including the Society of Automotive Engineers, Next Energy, Proterra, and the City of Detroit. The team has experience in electric vehicle service equipment and standards development.

Bus Exportable Power Systems (BEPS) Program

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