Substance Abuse Awareness Training

Course Duration: Approximately 90 minutes (self-paced)

Format: Online

Availability: Available Now

Trainer: National RTAP

Requirements: Each agency / provider must have ONE person who has taken this course.

Description: This course has two modules. The first is untimed and provides an overview of the course navigation, information about the FTA substance abuse program, and general awareness education about the dangers of alcohol misuse on the individual’s health, work, and personal life, as well as signs and symptoms of an alcohol problem. The second module on prohibited drugs will be timed, and includes five sections. The module MUST take a minimum of ONE HOUR to complete to receive credit for the course. Your knowledge will be tested after each of the prohibited drug discussions with a series of questions. Your knowledge will not be tested after the alcohol section. You will only be tested following each of the 5 prohibited drug sections.

Available online on the National RTAP website. (Course #3051)

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