Transit Fundamentals

Course Duration: 16 hours

Format: In-person

Availability: Every 2-3 years, last offered in 2022

Requirements: Recommended for supervisors, managers, and executives

Description: This course is designed to help new transit managers, whether new to the field or simply new to their present position, gain knowledge regarding major topics and issues that will shape their job and the direction of their transit organization. The topics and presentation speak to a variety of transit organizations and operating environments, including urban/suburban/rural, public sector/private nonprofit, general public transit/paratransit/social services transportation, fixed-route/demand-response, etc. Although geared largely to managers in smaller organizations that are subrecipients in state-managed transit programs, the topics addressed in this course are presented in ways that are relevant to new managers in any transit organization. Topics include: Service Design and System Planning, Transit Finance and Budgeting, Transit Operation Manager, Human Resource Management, Summing it up: leading the transit organization. (Course #4001)

Event Venue Date
Transit Fundamentals Holiday Inn & Suites St. Cloud
  • May 3, 2022 12:00 pm

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