Recruiting, Building and Retaining a Sustainable Driver Workforce

Course Duration: 4-8 hours (self-paced)

Format: Online

Availability: Available Now

Requirements: Recommended for human resources managers

Description: You know that drivers are the front-line representatives for your agency. Are you hiring people who are mission-motivated and have the right attitude? Are you using social media to promote your job openings and have you recently looked at your on-boarding process? You understand that effective training and recognition programs lead to job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover. What classes do you train to continue your staff’s development and what does your employee recognition program look like? What feedback do you provide to develop and improve performance? When you complete this online training, you’ll have the necessary tools to develop a working plan that outlines tasks and action items focused on developing and maintaining a successful driver recruitment and retention program. (Course #4028)

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Recruiting, Building and Retaining a Sustainable Driver Workforce (ONLINE) ONLINE

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