ExpiredCANCELED — BlackCat and MnRTAP Website Training — Central

  • 3075-2020-3
    March 23, 2020
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This course has been canceled due to state guidelines about gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak. The training will be rescheduled for a later date and any existing registrants will be emailed the new date at that time. Contact mariah.helgeson@mnrtap.net with any questions

Trainers: Kirby Becker and Chuck Morris (BlackCat); Mariah Helgeson and Harinee Iyengar (MnRTAP website)

BlackCat Training Agenda

Tabs, listed below, are reporting sections in BlackCat Transit. Use this overview to identify the tabs and where specific forms can be found and reported.

BlackCat Tab

Importance of this tab

Projects —Reflects future project costs and requests
Applications —New applications, current and approved
—Service Level
—Contract Management
—Contact Information
—Title VI
—Information on transit service provided
—Identifies contract signers
—Agency contacts and contact types
—Required documents, uploads, data certification, and FFATA certification
—Revenue vehicle, facility, and equipment
—Budget reports, vehicle statistics, ridership statistics
—Description of coordination activities
—Title VI requirements
Resources (Global) —Reference information
—Budget Report
—Transit Analysis
—Inventory Reorts
—Service Level Ridership Report
—Service Analysis (Calendar and Fiscal)
—Line item detail report (calendar/fiscal)
—Projected/YTD, expenses, revenue, trips, miles, and hours
—Revenue vehicles, facilities, equipment
—All service level data and status by year and month
—Approved trips miles and hours, by route, month, and year
—Contract documents
—Current and closed contract
—Signed contract and related documents
—Request for funds by contract and project and remaining balances
—Displays expenditures and remaining balances by program fund

Venue:   MnDOT St. Cloud Training Center

3725 12th St. N., St. Cloud, Minnesota, 56303, United States

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