FTA Issues Safety Advisories 22-1 and 22-2

Published on: October 13, 2022

Today, FTA published a Federal Register Notice to alert State Safety Oversight Agencies (SSOAs) and Rail Transit Agencies (RTAs) it has issued two Safety Advisories:

  • Safety Advisory 22-1: Rail Car Passenger Door Inspection and Function Testing recommends that SSOAs and RTAs review current policies, procedures and checklists for Periodic Maintenance Inspections (PMI) for rail car passenger door inspection and function testing to determine if they meet the recommended practices outlined in the Safety Advisory, and revise and improve them as necessary.
  • Safety Advisory 22-2: Signal System Safety and Train Control recommends that SSOAs and RTAs that operate Rail Fixed Guideway Public Transportation Systems consider signal system safety and train control as part of their safety risk management processes. The advisory also advises SSOAs to incorporate the Safety Advisory into their oversight activities. Signal systems control and monitor the movement of trains and can be used to locate and maintain safe separation between trains and control speeds and movements.

Please send questions regarding the Safety Advisories to

Federal Register Notice
FTA Safety Advisories
Safety Advisory 22-1
Safety Advisory 22-2

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