FTA Issues Safety Advisory 22-3: Steering Gearbox Bolt Failure

Published on: November 23, 2022


FTA published Safety Advisory 22-3 to recommend that transit agencies identify Nova Bus models manufactured in 2018 or later that that use a Bosch steering gearbox affixed to the vehicle frame through a mounting plate and perform inspections, as recommended by Nova Bus. In addition, FTA recommends that any transit agency that identifies buses equipped with this mounting plate assembly submit a summary of their findings to FTA.

FTA has become aware of a steering gearbox mounting plate bolt failure on some buses manufactured by Nova Bus that are equipped with Bosch steering gearboxes. Bolts that secure the power steering gearbox mounting plate assembly to the vehicle frame may come loose and, in some cases, fall out. If the power steering gearbox is not secured to the mounting plate or the mounting is not secured to the vehicle frame, an operator may not be able to control the steering of the bus.

FTA encourages transit agencies to report any safety concerns regarding bus or rail transit to FTA at

FTA Safety Advisory 22-3

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