FTA Publishes Guidance on New Disposition Method for TOD/Affordable Housing

Published on: November 1, 2023

FTA published interim guidance to implement a new provision in law that permits transit agencies to use their real property to support transit-oriented development that includes affordable housing. The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act allows FTA to authorize the transfer of federally funded property no longer needed for its original, authorized purpose to a local government, nonprofit organization, or other eligible entity if, among other factors, it will be used for transit-oriented development and affordable housing.

This guidance will be incorporated in the next update to FTA’s Award Management Requirements Circular (C 5010.1E). The guidance, in the form of FAQs, is being provided to clarify how grant recipients may use the new disposition method.

Transit agencies, state and local governments and authorities, housing nonprofits, and other interested parties may learn more about this proposed guidance at future webinars to be announced.

Interim Asset Disposition Guidance
Transit-Oriented Development
Federal Register Notice
Award Management Requirements Circular (C 5010.1E)
2022 National Defense Authorization Act

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