FTA Releases Transit Advisory Committee for Safety 2018-2020 Charter Reports

Published on: July 22, 2021

FTA has published the final reports from the Transit Advisory Committee for Safety (TRACS) 2018-2020 Charter. The 2018-2020 TRACS provided FTA with recommended actions on emerging technologies and innovations for improving transit’s existing safety performance. TRACS delivered three final reports to FTA that focus on the following safety focus areas: (1) Employee Safety Reporting; (2) Roadway Worker Protection; and (3) Trespass and Suicide Prevention. TRACS, first chartered in 2009, provides recommendations to FTA on transit safety.



TRACS Final Report 18-01 Employee Safety Reporting

TRACS Final Report 18-02 Roadway Worker Protection

TRACS Final Report 18-03 Trespass and Suicide Prevention


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