New Transit COVID-19 Response Program Information Collection Tool

Published on: March 5, 2021

To reduce the burden on reporters, FTA is launching a new application that will leverage FTA’s existing Transit Integrated Appian Development Platform to capture the information, including information on transit workforce counts, service impacts, and transit worker positives, fatalities, and recoveries. Each month, respondents will report 11 data points associated with these topics.

All agencies that currently provide transit service and submit reports to the National Transit Database as urbanized area reporters or tribal transit agencies will report directly to the new application. State recipients of Section 5311 grants will report to the new application on behalf of their applicable subrecipients. The first deadline for reporting is April 16, 2021.

FTA has posted resources on its website, including fact sheets for Section 5311 Recipients and Urban and Tribal Transit Providers, and will offer the following training webinars to ensure respondents understand how to report:

Please submit questions to


FRN 2021-0002
FTA Transit COVID-19 Recovery Program Website
FTA’s COVID-19 Website
FTA’s Federal Mask Requirement for Transit Website
Transit COVID-19 Response Program Information Collection Webinars
Fact Sheet for Section 5311 Recipients
Fact Sheet for Urban and Tribal Transit Providers
Transit COVID-19 Response Program Information Collection User Guide

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