Response to Public Comment: National Transit Database Safety and Security Reporting Changes and Clarifications

Published on: March 5, 2023

FTA released a response to public comment that finalizes changes and clarifications to the National Transit Database (NTD) Safety and Security reporting requirements. FTA has adopted two significant changes.

Transit Worker Assaults

FTA is implementing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law requirement to collect data on assaults on transit workers. Previously, FTA only collected transit worker assault data that qualified as “major events” from large NTD reports; major events involve one or more fatalities or injuries requiring medical transport (e.g., a gunshot wound).

Starting at the beginning of 2023, all transit worker assaults will be reported to the NTD, whether “major” or “non-major.” For instance, assaults involving acts of interference with a transit worker’s performance of his or her duties will be collected. Non-major transit worker assault events will now be collected in a summarized format to minimize the additional reporting requirement for transit agencies that had not previously reported this data.

Bus Impact Fatalities

FTA will also begin collecting additional data related to fatalities from an impact with a transit bus. Previously, FTA could only identify bus impact fatalities for large NTD reporters that completed major event reports. Smaller agencies completed only summarized fatality counts, without attribution to cause (e.g., collision or heart attack on the bus were indistinguishable). Smaller NTD reporters will identify and separate fatalities that result from a collision with a bus.

These changes will allow the NTD to better inform future FTA and industry actions.

These changes will apply to calendar year 2023 for full reporters and to NTD report year 2023 for small reporters; for specific requirement dates, visit the Federal Register.

National Transit Database
Federal Register Notice: NTD Safety & Security Reporting Changes and Clarifications
Federal Register Notice: Response to NTS Safety & Security Public Comment

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