Transit Award Management System (TrAMS) adds Document Category for Lobbying Forms

Published on: February 4, 2023

FTA has added a new document category to TrAMS for lobbying disclosures. Beginning immediately, grant recipients should upload Form LLL: Disclosure of Lobbying Activities to their Recipient Documents libraries on TrAMS using the new “Lobbying” category. Recipients should not send lobbying disclosures to FTA via email or paper.

To upload a document from your recipient organization’s profile page in TrAMS, select Related Actions, Recipient Documents, and Add Document. Then choose Lobbying and Lobbying Form as the document context and type when prompted.

For help using TrAMS, contact the TrAMS Help Desk at (877) 561-7466 or For technical assistance with lobbying disclosure rules, contact your FTA regional office.

Transit Award Management System (TrAMS)
FTA Regional Offices

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