FTA Announces Release of 2022 Data in National Transit Database

Published on: November 1, 2023

FTA recently released the 2022 National Transit Database (NTD) Annual Data Products. The set of files includes data on ridership, operating expenses, service levels, funding sources and more from transit providers nationwide. Established in 1974, the NTD has collected service, performance, and financial information from all FTA-funded transit agencies. View electronic versions of data products from as far back as 1997 on the NTD website.

The data release includes several new features, including:

  • 2022 Single Summary of Transit, which presents an overview of U.S. transit that highlights trends and key transit metrics over the last decade in an easy-to-read format
    • The SSoT provides groupings of agency data based on market, mode, and agency type
    • It replaces the previously developed National Transit Summaries and Trends reports.


  • New fields in data products
    • UACE Code, a unique identifier for FTA Urbanized Areas that aligns with Census Urban Areas data products, including TIGER shapefiles, allowing NTD data to be easily mapped for the first time


  • Enhanced Database File Dictionary that lists fields included across all NTD Database Files, their definitions, and their sources in the NTD Database, improving searchability

The NTD Annual Data Products release includes:

  • Single Summary of Transit, providing a high-level presentation of key transit metrics
  • 6 time-series files for year-over-year analyses of NTD data
  • 28 database files for detailed analyses of NTD data

2022 Annual Data Products
2022 Single Summary of Transit
NTD Data page

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