National Transit Database Safety and Security Reporting Changes and Clarifications

Published on: July 22, 2022

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Changes

To implement the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and to improve the information available to the public on the nation’s transit systems, FTA published two notices this month that proposed changes to the National Transit Database (NTD) reporting requirements:

  • On July 7, FTA requested public comment on general NTD requirements, including geographic service-coverage data and more timely reporting of ridership and service data.
  • On July 15, FTA published a notice in the Federal Register that proposed changes and clarifications to NTD safety and security reporting requirements.

The safety and security reporting notice contains two proposed changes and clarifications:

  • Assaults on Transit Workers: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law created a new definition for an assault on a transit worker. FTA will address this with four updates to the NTD, including 1) adding the definition of assault on a transit worker to its Policy Manual; 2) requiring full reporters to include monthly counts of assaults on transit workers that are not already reported as major events; 3) directing all other reporters to report counts of annual assaults on transit workers, including separating counts based on major events from non-major events; and 4) updating the forms for full reporters to classify all assaults on transit workers as major events.
  • Fatalities That Result from an Impact With a Bus: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law requires all grant recipients to report “any data on fatalities that result from an impact with a bus.” Rural, reduced, and asset-only reporters do not currently report this data to the NTD. FTA proposes the addition of seven questions for these reporters to report fatalities from bus collisions.

Learn more about these proposed changes and clarifications in the notices. Comments are due by September 7 and 13.

National Transit Database
Federal Register Notice – Safety and Security Reporting Changes and Clarifications

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