You’re Invited – Intercity Bus 101: State of the Industry

Published on: July 12, 2023

National RTAP will be hosting Intercity Bus 101: State of the Industry on July 25, 2023, 1:00-2:30 PM ET. The intercity bus industry is experiencing rapid change. We are hosting a series of webinars describing these changes and setting up states and communities to successfully integrate with the newly emerging industry.

Join us for Intercity Bus 101 where multiple speakers from a diverse group of backgrounds will describe the state of the industry, technological advancements, and how best to move forward. This session will be a general overview, followed by future sessions which will provide more in-depth analysis. Bring your questions because there will be a chance to engage with industry experts.

The intended audience is state program managers, local and tribal transit providers and mobility planners, researchers, and intercity bus carriers.

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